How to Build Affiliate Links

Affiliates are a great and easy way to earn extra cash with the videos you are already making outside of sponsorships.  To make things even easier, we show you your Amazon affiliate tag.  You can add this tag to any Amazon URL you post to YouTube, Twitter or anywhere else you want to promote products to your followers.  If you’ve uploaded videos through and added a product to it, you’re probably already using affiliate links because we automatically add the link to the description field in the YouTube publishing page.

We recently released a new page, Affiliate Earnings, that shows you the products that were purchased using your affiliate link.  Hopefully that page is filled with products, which means you’re making money.  If not, no big deal, we’ll show you how to build the URLs with your personal tag.  On the Affiliates Earnings page, to the top-right, you should see this section:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.17.17 PM

All you have to do is click the copy button to copy that tag.  Next just paste it to the end of any Amazon product URL.  As shown below, with your tag in bold: + YOUR TAG =

You can now click and see that it opens Amazon just like normal.

There is one caveat. If you ever click on a URL in Amazon from another Amazon page it usually adds a bunch of other information to the end of the URL. The URL usually looks like:

When you use a URL like this, the tag you copy needs to be modified a little. The tag originally looks like: ?tag=genvideo1729708-20.  You will need to replace the ? with an &.  The new affiliate link should then look like: + YOUR TAG =

Either one of the above links should work and start earning you affiliate income if your followers click and purchase something on Amazon. For more information about how our affiliate program works, check out Benefits of uploading to instead of directly to YouTube.